Who we are

We have been operating in our sector since 1997, and we have gone through all the stages of birth and development of the current online travel market.
We have grown together with our customers and our business partners, and our success has been built on the continuous improvement of the ability to meet their needs.
Our customers know they can rely on our advice to make the most of all the potential of our products. Our Partners, on the other hand, can count on a solid company that guarantees constant training and professional growth, in order to be able to carry out their activities in total safety, thanks to in-depth knowledge of our products.

What distinguishes us

We are a company that operates in various sectors, from tourism to e-commerce, producing daily goods and services for customers and partners. Our specialized staff is well aware that the training brings the best results in terms of involvement and growth, so every year we organize meetings and workshops aimed at deepening themes, services and products.

Dhynet Group is the result of years of constant research and development, led by the owners and managers of the best hotels.