Pubs, Bars, Pizzerias

The PMS for Dhynet Bars, Pubs and Pizzerias is a solution that our team has developed in close contact with the market and with our customers, in order to model a product that would solve the problems of this complex sector.

From the tavern used to writing down orders on paper, to the more complex restaurant, which unquestionably needs to transfer the orders taken in the room directly to the production centers (kitchen, pizzeria, bar) to the bar that needs an immediate interface with which to send a real-time account to your fiscal recorder.

Maximum customization of the table top, product data and an up-to-date warehouse make our software designed for these categories a true solution for daily operations and management.

Among the functions most requested by our customers, there are certainly:


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Warehouse management (0:32)

Loading and unloading of goods (0:32)

Fiscal Printer Interfacing (0:32)

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About us

Nicoletta Bertoli

magia HOTEL – piacenza

“They managed to satisfy our requests with patience and professionalism. Bravo!”

Davide Ferroni

Lola hotel

“The social campaign managed by Dhynet during the summer 2020 period has produced exceptional results for us, significantly increasing the number of direct bookings.”

Antonio Pistella

hotel fondovalle

“An excellent choice to have switched to Argo by Dhynet, a very intuitive hotel management system with all the functions you need, even more …. and the software is continuously updated. The assistance service provided by Enrico, a very trained technician, is also exceptional. , kind and helpful. “

Cinzia Benemio

le tre isole

“We are really satisfied and we must say that it is one of the best management systems we have ever used, it is very intuitive and easy to use. The management of the housekeeper, which is often a sore point, is instead clear and easy to use for the staff of the cleaning. Last but not least the assistance always available for any problem. We highly recommend it.”

Giovanni Foti

Albergo Papa

“What struck me about Dhynet is the simplicity of use, I learned to use it without receiving any training as the software is extremely intuitive in its basic operations. The kindness and availability shown by the technical and commercial assistance make it an absolutely reliable partner, which I would recommend to anyone.”

Corrado Molignoni

Hotel Duomo Salò

“Dhynet was an externally positive discovery for us, products relevant to every need and extremely flexible and customizable, excellent stability and consistency of connection between the various systems. Excellent assistance always punctual and available even for the simplest initial needs. Finally, the value for money is unattainable. A tip: try to believe … It does not actually cost anything. Congratulations Dhynet, you can only grow extremely.”

Simona Migliorati

Camping Village Punta Navaccia

“Our new site was created a year ago by Dhynet. We are very satisfied with the graphics and the results achieved so far. The site performs very well and has a lot of hits. We are very satisfied with the choice.”