Web Portal


A web portal is a point of access to a group of resources.

A portal is a website that serves as a starting point for a group of internet or intranet resources.
The difference between a website and a portal is very important to understand the capabilities of the latter because, a portal can be seen as the union of many sites that exploits the visibility of each to give more prominence to the portal itself.

Naturally all aspects of a normal website are amplified according to the number of pages, contents and tools that will be used by each single component of the portal.
The navigation structure is the most important part of a portal. This must be intuitive at the same time and encourage navigation.

Considering that the “theme” of the portal is the guideline of the whole structure, because inevitably the sites or the contents inserted in the same must have a link between them, the structure must put order and guide the user in the search information.