Company Ethics

13 July 2018

company ethics dhynet

As in many other sectors, even in online travel there is a need for a code of ethics to be shared, both among professionals and between customers or final consumers. This represents a way to positively channel projects and ambitions for a better final result, starting from a shared and clear basis. To this end, we have created this page to put our ethical and professional code in black and white. Dhynet’s commitment, based on twenty years of experience, is aimed at the most appropriate orientation in terms of interaction between our company and the accommodation, so as to speed up the information and training processes to achieve the objectives. Dhynet (at the time Italy Holiday)

has focused on listening to the customer by setting up the “Research and Development” office, branch of our company that has allowed us to always be at the forefront in recent years. An activity of constant analysis on the dynamics and needs of the customer, has allowed us to create calibrated and customized technological tools on the real needs of such a heterogeneous market as travel. In fact, from the research activity, we have always managed to extrapolate the needs and needs of our customers and then solve them and turn them into competitive products that had, as a last goal, the resolution of a need or a need expressed by the market. The Business Ethics is fundamental in the company because the behavior

ethical is reflected POSITIVELY on the performance of the individual actors. The purpose of the enterprise should not be simply the production of profit, but the very existence of the enterprise as a community of people who, in a different way, pursue the same goals. When quality circuits are triggered, not only do they increase productivity, motivation and the drive for continuous improvement, but a harmonious system is created. Every person involved that is a customer, supplier, intermediary, etc. has a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY. Cultivating a corporate culture that enhances talents, meets the needs and expectations of everyone on a daily basis, continuously develops an atmosphere of respect and


True success is achieved within a framework of constantly cultivated values.

a serene, engaging, motivated and collaborative work environment, creates ECONOMIC VALUE. An “arid” company with no solid values, in which there is no dialogue in listening to suppliers and customers, is inevitably destined to fail. However, a statement of ethics is not enough, but it is necessary to undertake a real job of listening construction, especially in relation to the client.


Being morally responsible can contribute to the creation of a competitive advantage.