PMS All in One for cities of art


PMS Dhynet is an extremely customizable software based on the real needs of each individual accommodation facility.

The all-in-one PMS for cities of art has been modeled by our team to respond to the problems related to the management of 4 or 5 star structures located in cities with high tourist density.

Nello specifico, solitamente è caratterizzata dalla presenza di almeno 40 camere ed annovera servizi diversi: sale congressi, bar, sauna, ecc..

Above all, it has highly qualified and numerically extensive personnel.

A lean, simple and intuitive solution based on the need to meet very high standards and a high capacity to satisfy customer requests in a competitive and dynamic context like the current one, hotels must be able to conquer and maintain their market share.

In addition to facing competition from other large chains and boutique hotels, establishments offering accommodation experiences with no original elements have suffered from the emergence of peer-to-peer solutions.

Hotels must leverage PMS systems and embrace other innovations to create more personalized experiences that not only improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also give guests unforgettable memories.

The all-in-one solution for cities of art includes:

  • Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager
  • PMS (Hotel Management)
  • Estimate
  • CRM

each of which customized and further customizable according to the distinctive characteristics and the real needs of each accommodation facility.

The goal is to provide the accommodation facility with all the technology and know-how necessary to minimize time and management costs and to be able to dedicate more space to the customer and his needs. Only by achieving these objectives will the individual structures be able to play on an equal footing with the large chains and boutique hotels which, obviously, on an international level, have a different brand and recognisability.