PMS All in One for Hotel Chains


PMS Dhynet is an extremely customizable software based on the real needs of each activity operating in the Hospitality sector.

The all-in-one PMS for hotel chains was modeled by our team in response to the need to manage multiple properties from a single control dashboard. The problems of chains are mainly related to logistics, distribution and the management of investments, services and personnel.

Specifically, especially as regards the online distribution of the offer, it is necessary to manage and analyze diversified flows and investments, but from a single control room.

High ability to satisfy and regulate the following business processes:

  • Optimized and grouped check-in / check-out operations
    • Ability to serve customers anywhere, anytime, thanks to an extremely stable and versatile PMS system for hotels
    • Greater freedom for front desk agents who can spend more time on welcoming guests, room assignments, customer services and check-out operations, wherever an Internet connection is active
  • Best housekeeping service
    • Increased housekeeping efficiency through instant updates to service agents’ mobile devices as customers check out and vacate rooms for cleaning
    • Greater flexibility in room management and shorter response times for room service
    • Possibility of identifying and managing the necessary maintenance interventions, in order to ensure that the rooms are always clean and in perfect condition
  • Integrated back office systems
    • Connect operations and financial processes through preconfigured integrations with current credit and debit management systems, payment gateways, hospitality applications and infrastructure devices
    • Integrated management of current receivables and commissions
    • Accurate recording of customer account charges for faster and more accurate billing
  • Effective management of the hotel’s distribution activities
    • Increase in the occupancy rate of the rooms and ADR through the management of rates and availability in real time in the various distribution channels
    • Increase in sales through direct booking channels on the brand’s website
  • Better revenue management
    • Ability for managers to improve ADR with numerous options for setting and advanced rate management to facilitate manual and semi-automatic revenue management
  • Optimized management of customer data
    • Centralized and secure management of customer data and improved quality and accuracy of their profiles
    • Ability to understand customer purchasing patterns to define more targeted packages and services
    • Guarantee of compliance with national and international regulations on data processing

The all-in-one solution for hotel chains includes within it

  • Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager
  • PMS (Hotel Management)
  • Estimate
  • Multibooking
  • CRM

each of which customized and further customizable according to the distinctive characteristics and the real needs of each accommodation facility.

The goal is to provide all the technology and know-how necessary to minimize management time and costs and to be able to dedicate more space to the customer and his needs.