PMS All in One for small structures


PMS Dhynet is an extremely customizable software based on the real needs of each individual accommodation facility.

The all-in-one PMS for small hospitality structures has been modeled by our team to respond to the problems related to the management of structures that do not exceed 9 rooms / apartments. A streamlined and simple solution not burdened with unnecessary functionality (eg restaurant, bar, conference rooms, etc.) integrated and easily applicable to any platform.

But what is “all-in-one” PMS?

It is an integrated software system that this specific sector needs. Our team has developed a suite, within which the small accommodation facility will find everything necessary to professionally manage its daily business without waste:

  • PMS
  • Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager
  • CRM

The Dhynet all-in-one PMS is designed to simplify the daily planning and management work, following every aspect of your facility with very few steps, even remotely, anywhere on the globe, avoiding any type of constraint, such as the ” use of a specific technological platform.