October 4, 2021 •

Set up personalized discounts for families? Today it is possible.

The more than ten-year tradition of seasonal hotels defines the family plan as the way in which it is possible to sell packages tailored to the real needs of a family unit or father, mother and children, also considering the age of the children.

Classic family plan example
(2 adults + 2 children = 3 or 2 adults + 1 child = 2, 2 adults + 4 children)

Generally, the definition of an economic offer understood as a family plan has always been the consequence of an almost human or artisanal management or in any case linked to static processing systems.

Now it is possible to use a software that allows the seasonal hotel to define in a simple and intuitive way an offer calibrated on the real needs of the family unit, being able to consider both the variable number of family members and the variable age of the relative members linked to the real availability in real time of the structure intended as PMS or connected to the different dynamic rates present on the booking engine.